Delicate Treasures


Purchasing jewelry

We have digital pictures of everything we make.  If you would like to view items currently in stock, we’ll be happy to email photos to you.  Most earrings are $55 to $75; most pendants are $45 to $100.

Tell us via email what interests you:

  1. earrings, pendant or necklace

  2. 14KT gold-filled or Sterling silver mounting

  3. glass color(s)

Delicate Treasures accepts all major credit cards.

Jewelry Cleaner (gold or silver)

We’ve discovered a jewelry cleaner that works quite well with all our jewelry, especially the one for Sterling silver.  The brand is “Connoisseurs”, available in Walmart and Bed, Bath & Beyond for less than $5. 

our photographer

We’ve had the pleasure of working with Jason Dowdle of Blue Sky Film.  (

the Technology of Dichroic Glass

The unique characteristic of dichroic glass is that light passing through the glass (transmitted) gives it one color, and light reflected by the glass gives a completely different color. Furthermore, these two colors change depending on angle of view.  Originally created by NASA for the aerospace industry, it is currently used in IMAX movie projectors and as a reflector in halogen light bulbs, but most commonly by glass artists.

Dichroic glass is formed by coating glass with multiple layers of exotic metals.  This is accomplished by using a highly technical process called vapor deposition.  Sheets of clear or black glass, both smooth and textured, are suspended in a vacuum chamber.  Metal oxides are vaporized in the chamber with a high voltage electron beam, and the vapor condenses on the surface of the glass forming a metal crystal structure. The optical properties of this crystal are such that it selectively reflects and transmits multiple colors of light. Different colors of dichroic glass have as many as 30 layers of these metals yet the thickness of the total coating is only 35 millionths of an inch.