Delicate Treasures


Our jewelry is all handcrafted, one at a time, in our home studio.  Debra is the wire sculpture artist and Dana is the fused glass artist and tool smith.  We enjoy merging our talents to enhance each other’s work to create signature pieces of art.   The highest quality materials possible are used to create lasting affordable art that can be enjoyed everyday.  To create dazzling one of a kind earrings, pendants, necklaces and bracelets we use 90 COE dichroic and stained glass, 14KT gold-filled and argentium sterling silver wire and Swarovski Austrian crystals for color accents. 


The Wire Sculpture Process

Each glass cabochon is cradled within a freeform wire sculpture to capture its own uniqueness and to create a piece of wearable art.  The 14KT gold-filled or argentium sterling silver sculptures are formed manually using wire craft techniques including:   weaving patterns, sculpting, coiling, and prong or groove settings.  Only hand tools such as jewelry pliers, files and mandrels or custom tools created by Dana are used.  Multiple strands of smooth and/or twisted wire and sometimes Swarovski Austrian crystals are utilized to enhance the form, color and design of the glass cabochon.  The wire used is dead soft round or square ranging from 18-gauge to 24-gauge depending on the design.   No adhesive is used.


The Fused Glass Process

Dichroic and stained sheet glass is hand cut, shaped with a diamond band saw or grinder, and cemented in multiple layers.  Effects of depth, weaves, halos and lenses in the glass are created by choosing each layer to act as a light absorption or interference filter and by choosing the correct firing technique.  Dana developed a unique crushed glass technique to simulate some opal varieties.  Some pieces require multiple firings to obtain a high quality polish, unique shapes, and matching sets.   Molten glass manipulation and embedded wire designs are other techniques utilized.  Pieces are fused by firing on a ceramic shelf in an electric kiln with computer controlled precise heating and cooling schedules.  Sometimes a channel is cut around the perimeter of the fused glass with a diamond grinder to aid in setting the cabochon.